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3rd International Equine Welfare Congress

Workshops Sunday May 31


"Proposals for the future": Redefining horses and humans

Once the participants have expanded their knowledge on various topics of the congress through video-presentations, abstracts and round tables, we give you the opportunity to deepen the knowledge on the topic that is most appropriate to your area of ​​interest.


Each workshop will have two additional 10-minute presentations that can be seen during the week. This will allow you, along with the other participants, and the Proyecto Caballo team, to join the video-conference, on Sunday May 31st, to apply this knowledge and generate proposals for the future. We want you to leave this space with solutions to current problems in your life with horses and apply them in a practical way in the future.

You can choose to attend the Spanish-speaking workshop or English-speaking workshop.

NB The debates and conclusions of the conference and workshops will be published on the page
Project Horse website to promote its dissemination.

Workshop 1.

"Interaction and / or coexistence between horses and humans"

  • Speakers:

    • Noora Ehnqvist (Sensitive Horse)

    • Mark Langley (Equine Ability)

  • The overpopulation of equines in the western world and the pressure of a growing segment in society that questions the well-being and ethics of the interactions between horses and humans in the present puts us in a situation in which we have to begin to redefine, rediscover and be responsible for future human-horse interactions.


  • The main theme of this workshop will be, if and how the interaction and / or coexistence can be based
    to the benefit of both horses and humans (win-win) .

    • Characteristics of a mutually beneficial relationship; How can we validate this?

    • Win-win coexistence; Can we find sustainable ways to live together?

    • Possible activities that promote mutual well-being

Workshop 2.

"Sustainable proposals on horse ownership"

  • Speakers:

    • World Horse Welfare

    • Alayne Blickle "Horses for clean water"

  • Concern about climate change, the current overpopulation of equines in the western world and the questionable environmental, economic and welfare sustainability of equine tenure , demonstrates the importance of proposing new and different alternatives.

  • Sustainability features: How can we guarantee and validate this?

  • Options for responsible management and tenure; Sustainable proposals.

  • Cooperation between different interest groups; Territory management, fire prevention , biodiversity, research and education in different areas, horse owners , legislation, government policies, etc.

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