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Our Work

Proyecto Caballo works to achieve an optimal state for horses, people, and the environment.

Sensitization and social awareness

The project, based on the welfare and future of horses as a species, includes benefits for the people involved, both in the study and in the rehabilitation of the horses.


Teamwork, responsibility, communication, honesty, empathy and self-esteem, give this project values ​​for human growth and development, offering activities for all ages.


Physical and mental rehabilitation of the horse

We help horses to:

  • Rehabilitate normalize their behavior and attachements towards other horses.

  • Through partner or group activities with other horses that are psychologically recovered, we help the integration into the group and the learning of a horse's own social language.

  • We perform different types of therapy and exercises to help the horse overcome its states of mental and physical discomfort, including helplessness.

  • We seek to help horses re-express what they think and feel, be curious about their environment, solve problems and grow the ability to manage different situations. Through this process we foster trust and bond with people and their environment.


Introduction of horses in natural spaces

Horses are playing an increasingly important role in the management of permanent grasslands throughout Europe. Grazing horses promotes biodiversity and is very suitable for cleaning and restoring semi-natural pastures and the maintenance of woodland.


Horses have a greater capacity for ingesting forage than other ruminants, which allows them to effectively control competitive pastures and keep open areas in pastures. When they face variations in the availability and quality of resources, horses can adjust their feeding behavior to meet their nutritional requirements.

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