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Introduction of Horses in Natural environments

the project

This project introduces rehabilitated domestic horses into natural spaces to improve biodiversity in certain areas while having the necessary conditions to live their life to the fullest, similar to their wild ancestors. We currently have two areas on loan around Girona, a 15-hectare area in Orfes, and an 18-hectare woodland area in Romanyà


  • Encourage equine and human wellbeing

  • Undertake a study on biodiversity and the environmental impact

  • Generate sustainable models of horse-keeping


  • Environmental study = € 600

  • Fencing of the two lands = € 1,500

  • Dissemination of the project:

    • Talks on the peninsula = 900 €

    • Website = € 500

    • Water Deposits for horses = € 320

Environmental study

We need to carry out a previous environmental study to be able to measure biodiversity indicators, that is, to verify that the introduction of horses in that space does not only respect the environment but also improves biodiversity. For this, a study on flora will be carried out, which will be undertaken by the Department of Botany of the University of Girona.

raising awareness

One of the objectives is to make this project viable in other areas of the Iberian Peninsula. Therefore, we are aiming to carry out a campaign to raise awareness of this project by collaborating with other organisations and giving talks to spread the ideas in other Spanish cities. The first events will take place in Madrid, Valencia, and Seville. For this campaign we will also have to invest in our website

We also need to cover the costs of the material which was invested in fencing both areas by the association’s volunteer team. This consists of rods, insulators, and electric fencing.

For these reasons, we encourage you to actively participate, donate, and spread the word!

Thank you very much!
Team Proyecto Caballo.

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