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Networking Event


Proyecto Caballo holds events to offer the necessary tools and knowledge to help people linked to horses in the current transition of the horse world.

our events

Online Workshops

Enjoy free presentations and join the workshop with people from the equine world and the Proyecto Caballo team.

It is an opportunity to network and join a virtual community that serves to learn and help eachtoher throughout the transition of the equine world.

Next workshop: June 28

Registration is now open


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Webinars (video conferences)

The webinars have been an opportunity to participate in a video conference with the team and the other participants where a presentation is made on a topic and questions can be sent to the speaker.

The webinars will restart soon. To stay informed about future webinars subscribe here



Coming soon

previous events

3rd International Equine Welfare Conference

The conference serves to provide people connected to horses with knowledge and practical solutions to help in every day life with horses. Topics:

  • Sustainable proposals for horse keeping

  • Equine intelligence and cognition

  • The role of the horse in today's society

  • Reciprocal relations

  • Sentience as a legal concept


MAY 25 - June 7, 2020


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