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The Association and the Team

About us

Proyecto Caballo is a non-profit association which was founded by a variety of professionals who are all passionate about improving the lives of horses and people as well as taking care of the environment.


Our vision is that of a world where it is possible to achieve an optimal state for both people, horses, and the environment.


Provide knowledge and practical solutions to people involved with horses to enable them in the current transition within the horse world towards sustainable models by offering them training, interdisciplinary collaboration, and investigations.

meet the team


sophia hagelberg

Sofia studied Master in Animal Law, Bachelor of Business Administration, Diploma in Market Economics. University Expert in Equestrian Training, Sports Technician and has spent years investigating well-being and motivation in horses and riders. About 14 years ago she founded Cavalls de Terraprim which since then has served as a base to continue experimenting, researching and spreading ideas about well-being and motivation in horses and riders.

conversacion a tres bandas..jpg

Eloy Merino

Eloy comes from the business world, and used to organise stays and leisure routes where horses and riders could enjoy the coexistence in nature, stress-free. Then, as an Equestrian Tourism Guide, he introduced a route model that most closely resembles the herd life of horses. Finally, he abandoned this practice to continue researching how to improve our relationship with horses.


Rocio Crespo

Diploma in Social Education, Postgraduate in TAC (Horse Assisted Therapies). For 5 years she did hippotherapy sessions, adapted riding, training in care and handling of the horse on the ground, etc. She is currently working and investigating potential improvements for the conditions of horses who accompany people, looking for the balance between animal and human welfare.


Lauri Gimenez

Biology graduate from the University of Girona. More than 20 years of experience in the equestrian sector as a professional rider and riding teacher. Since 2012 she is the founder and technical director of Binomis, an equestrian center for training and research. At Binomis they accompany riders and horses on a path to create a relationship based on respect, mutual well-being, knowledge, and understanding.


Carlos Ganzabal

Teacher and expert in learning and interactions with horses.

More than 10 years of experience linked to equestrian culture from amateur to professional in continuous development. Tireless worker in meeting objectives, honest, and accustomed to teamwork. Dedicated to work, collaboration, sharing knowledge and "know-how". Evolving with creativity, curiosity, admiration, and respect aimed at the sustainable development of people and horses.

Physical education teacher (UC), sports technician in horse riding, and master's degree in equestrian therapies and assisted learning with horses (UVic)


Zoe Gammon

Throughout her time with horses, Zoe´s interest in horse welfare grew and she decided to move to England to pursue a University degree in Equine Studies. Her dissertation was an investigation on the cultural comparison between attitudes towards equine welfare in England and Spain. She has now returned to Spain and is studying a Masters in Animal Law and Society in Barcelona.

anna image.jpg

Anna Berenguer

Graduated in Social Work at the University of Girona. She started spending time with horses at the age of 11. Since then, she has gone through several phases with horses, and finally reached the current one, where the most important thing for her is the horses´ well-being.


Alicia Herrera

With a degree in Biology and a Masters in Environmental Management her career is dedicated to the environment and civil protection. With more than 30 years of experience with horses, she has also studied Ethology, Animal Physiology and Physiology. Alicia spends her time on hacks and routes with horses in different countries, and also works with them following a respectful dressage, always taking into account the animal companion.


Yasmina Old

Lebanese by birth, but she escaped to England with her parents at the beginning of the civil war in 1976. She now lives in Alt Emporda, in northern Catalonia, with her English husband and five children, two horses, three dogs and two cats She is a teacher of essential oils and natural health. She believes that spending time with horses, at her own pace, investigating herbs, smells, and sounds, is the best meditation in the world.

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