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To provide knowledge and practical solutions to people in the equine world, enabling a smoother transition towards sustainable models through education, interdisciplinary collaboration, and research.

Horse-human relationships, horses and biodiversity, horse rights.

The association and the team.

Introduction of horses in natural spaces.

Conference, Webinars, Talks.


Tuesdays 7pm

From Proyecto Caballo we offer you the opportunity to participate in a video conference with the team and the other participants where we make a presentation on a topic and together with the other participants you can ask questions and join the debate (only in Spanish).

Webinars Anteriores

Indicadores de Bienestar

Expresiones Faciales

Motivación Intrínseca

Rehabilitación mental y psicológica del caballo

3rd International Equine Welfare Conference

29th of May - 7th of June 2020 - Online Platform


  • Reciprocal Relations

  • The role of the horse in today's society

  • Equine intelligence and cognition

  • Sustainable proposals for horse ownership

  • Sentience as a legal concept

Speakers :

  • Lucy Rees

  • Turid Buvik

  • Jane and Stuart Myers

  • Jo Hockenhull

  • Karen McComb

  • Marita Giménez Candela

  • Tamzin Furtado

  • Arnau Seix

  • Wendy Williams

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