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3er International Equine

Welfare Congress (ONLINE)

25th of May - 7th of June 2020

The idea behind the congress is to provide people linked to horses with knowledge and practical solutions for the equine world, through video-presentations, live round tables with speakers, networking and the option to participate in a workshop. We offer a space where interdisciplinary collaboration, training and networking are encouraged.

Internationally recognized experts and scientists will present the latest news on their subject and will contribute their vision on different possibilities of application in today's society. To see the summary of the presentations of the 2018 Equine Welfare congress do click here .

How does it work?

Participants will receive an email confirming the purchase of the ticket that will contain the access link to the private Facebook group. In this group from Monday to Thursday, 30-40 minute video-presentations will be uploaded where specific topics will be discussed by different speakers. In addition, 10-minute video abstracts will be uploaded, summarizing studies covering various topics. There will be the option to activate the subtitles in English or Spanish.


All videos can be viewed at any time of the day and will be available until the end of the Congress. The duration of the congress will be from Monday, May 25th to Sunday, June 7th. On Monday, May 25, the group will be opened to start the Congress.


Equine cognition

Sustainable horse ownership

Human and equine relations

Equine behavior

Sentience as a legal concept

How to sell and advertise products in

emerging markets

The role of the horse in today's society

Round Tables

Friday and Saturday will be days dedicated to 'round tables'. There will be 2 round tables on Friday and 2 on Saturday with a duration of 40 minutes each. There will also be simultaneous translation for those who need it.

This will be the moment in which the participants will be able to comment, debate and develop questions to the speakers and the Proyecto Caballo team on the topics previously exposed in the videos.

  • If participants have questions about the papers, they should write them under the videos in the comment section within the Facebook group.

  • During the round tables the speakers will answer the most frequently asked questions and open up to some spontaneous question at the end.

  • Questions that are not answered directly at the round tables will be answered if possible later in the Facebook group.

Optional workshops

Collaborating Companies: